The end of Summer 夏の終わり






bagel / ベーグル



A Laughing Friend T / 笑う友人T



Recently I started developing my film in open tray method. Think it's working ok. I like it.

The smell of my finger after putting into both developer and fixer (they have really lovely bad smell each other) doesn't please me though. It certainly bothers me when I finally go to my futon in the early morning after developing throughout the night. 









So, when I was with my good friend, I told him how I've been down for a couple of weeks.

 I explained how I felt so small and not having achieved anything and so on. The night before I met my friend, my ex-boss had told me that how he hadn't seen any better photo works of me since two years ago. I was like "omg. seriously? that sucks. "

My friend told me "It depends on the person if he/she likes your recent work or past work better."

Yeah, I think so, yet..  

"Just stay positive. If you act like you are really happy and full of confidence, it just brings you all the good things. It's true."

I know he is right, cause he's just doing that himself and proving that everyday.

Think I should. I will.









頼むから考えないでネ  < 自分


So sleepy. 

I ate too much tonight. Still it's so nice to bbq on the rooftop of a high building in shibuya.

The summer is closing now. Hello Fall.

My birthday is coming in less than a month and I ought to lose 4lb by that day. Shoot.




今日はBBQで食べ過ぎました。しゃしゃって普段食べないお肉まで食べてしまいました。誕生日までに痩せるを更に上回るやつれるレベルまで行くつもりだったのに あと20日ちょっと、無理かもしれない