Sumire すみれ

Writing this post as I'm having a meeting at a very cheep Izakaya in Shibuya. (180 yen for a glass of beer and high-ball!!) We, five young people (can I still say 26 is young? please.) are working on publishing the original magazine by the end of this year, which is challenging but very fun. I'm going to shoot, write a food essay and draw some Usagi (rabbit) comic for the magazine. Because right now, I'm nicely drunk and creative, I just drew today's Usagi in 3 mins.  He says "You go for hot SAKE when you've got a cold."


どこからか集まった5人で雑誌作ってます。発刊は12月中旬予定、私は写真とゆるいフードコラムとウサギ漫画で貢献します。酔っぱらった頭でフツフツとクリエイティビティーが湧いてきたので(ほとんどのケースで、そういう時に浮かんだアイデアは使えないのだけど 笑)、とりあえずウサギ描きました。風邪引き君がさっき言い放った台詞「風邪にはアツカン。」


Photo on 10-26-14 at 9.51 PM #2-3.jpg