【Square Story スクエアストーリー vol.02 Tobacco Stand】


表参道のTobacco Standさんを取材/撮影しました。





男性アーティスト・俳優を特集する雑誌「Audition blue」8月号にて、BOYS AND MENの小林豊さんを撮影させて頂きました。

Assigned portrait work for the magazine Audition blue August issue, featuring Yutaka Kobayashi from Japanese idol boys group BOYS AND MEN. 







本日発売の雑誌 PRESIDENTプレジデントにて漫画家・矢口高雄さん(「釣りキチ三平」他)と釣り具メーカー”グローブライド”社長・鈴木一成さんを撮影いたしました。



A portrait of 78years old Manga artist Takao Yaguchi (right) who drew the very first fishing manga in Japan called “Tsurikichi Sanpei,” and Kazunari Suzuki (left) the CEO of GLOBERIDE, one of the biggest fishing product company in Japan. I find this shot very lovely as Mr. Yaguchi somewhat acts like a young boy, excited. Taken by Makina67. Thanks for letting me use film, it was quite a thing as the magazine had never accepted a film photograph for the last 12 years.





kotoba(コトバ) 2018年夏号「日記を読む、日記を書く。」






Assigned work for kotoba magazine. Α portrait of Ghibli Museum’s new chief curator, Kazuki Anzai, and the museum itself. I really enjoyed walking through the museum after it was closed, photographing all the little details of the museum representing the world of studio Ghibli. Hayao Miyazaki’s new short film, “boro the caterpillar” (which is now on the museum’s theater) was something that you should watch. Very new, full of surprise.






若林恵さん WIRED日本版前編集長、撮影させていただきました。
Kei Wakabayashi, the former editor in chief of WIRED Japan

“People who has no interest in music never knows what’s going on in the world, I think.”






Interview shots & portrait work of Louis 53 Yamada for Gendai Business







Assigned work for the YouTube bumper ads of the career agency PERSOL and their web service DODA. I did six 5secs videos and two 15secs. Appreciate the fun shoot! 






「まだ俺はこんなもんじゃねえ」竹原ピストルの不屈の精神と仕事観 / 現代ビジネス


広告会社・株式会社オリコム(ORICOM CO.,LTD)さんの2019新卒採用サイトの撮影を担当させていただきました。





Recent work for ORICOM CO.,LTD and their 2019 recruitment website. (ORICOM is one of the oldest advertising agency in Japan.) I did all the photographs as well as 30 seconds short movie top of the page. It was actually my first time I did one movie (directing/shooting/editing) as α work, and even though it was α short one, I was simply glad about it.  All the photographs, also, turned out to be much better than the one I did last year. Maybe I’m getting better as α photographer (I hope.)













去年撮影した全森林の広告ポスターがAPA(日本広告写真家協会)の主催するAPA AWARD 2018に入選いたしました。





The series of photographs I did last year as the assignment for National Federation of Forest Owners' Co-operative Association α.k.α. JForest won α prize in APA AWARD 2018. (APA=Japan Advertising Photographers’ Association) It’s been 5 years since I won α prize in the same contest, that time with my personal work, and I wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to win α prize in the advertisement section. Glad I did. It would be great if I could win α real prize someday (like 3rd, 2nd, or even 1st one)

So all the photographs including mine will be shown in the exhibition at TOP museum starting tomorrow for the next two weeks. http://www.apa-japan.com/news/2018_03.html It could be fun because there’s no such chance to look at so many advertisement pictures at the same time. It’s not free but I’ve got some free tickets with me, so just let me know if you are interested in going. I’m excited with this exhibition thing but am even happier that my works are archived in this APA AWARD 2018 book http://urx3.nu/IPg9<As you see, it’s quite expensive which I couldn’t afford to buy 5 years ago. This time, I’m lucky because art director kindly would buy me one. Thank you thank you.






As the recent assignment for Gendai Business, I did a photo shoot of Sho Kiryuin, the lead member of Golden Bomber.

It was such a beautiful day, and I truly enjoyed the shooting. 








I met this girl a few months ago when I was hanging out in this crepe place I daily go. It was around 2pm and I had just finished my work and so (so?) had a little bottle of wine with me. (Just to note, the shooting took place at a winery in tokyo)  I shared the wine with her and had a long conversation. That's how we met. I found her to be a real good singer and she liked my photography as well. We are now good friends and am looking forward to making her next music video with her. 

[Luxury] performed by maria.f

directed/shot/edited by Sakie Miura







“SURFIN’ LIFE サーフィンライフ”3月号にて、元競泳日本代表/オリンピック選手の松田丈志さんを撮影させていただきました






Α portrait of α retired Olympic swimmer Takeshi Matsuda, the recent assignment for the magazine Surfin’ Life March Issue. Shot by Linhof, with no digital at all, I took six pictures this time for total. Although I’m α bit nervous about totally having to depend on the outcome of 4x5 films, I prefer its simplicity. Anyway I always come to love how it comes out. He was such α sweet, polite and nice guy. How happy he looked when he was talking about his 3-days old baby girl..





 a0 ポスター 1/6

a0 ポスター 1/6

 a0 ポスター 2/6

a0 ポスター 2/6

 a0 ポスター 3/6

a0 ポスター 3/6



 b1 ポスター 1/9

b1 ポスター 1/9

 b1 ポスター 2/9

b1 ポスター 2/9







 阪急梅田駅 B0ポスター8枚 (2018/1/22 - 1/28)&nbsp;

阪急梅田駅 B0ポスター8枚 (2018/1/22 - 1/28) 

 JR新宿駅北通路 B0ポスター10枚 (2018/1/15 - 1/22)&nbsp;

JR新宿駅北通路 B0ポスター10枚 (2018/1/15 - 1/22) 

 JForest 緑の雇用 2018 電車・車内広告

JForest 緑の雇用 2018 電車・車内広告


For the first time, my pictures are put up on the big board (200x728cm) in the train station. That’s already exciting enough, but that train station is actually one of the world’s busiest station: JR Shinjuku Station, which carries 3.6 million people every day. (I still remember the day I first got lost in this monster station 7 years ago, looking for my elder cousin who I ended up locating almost 30 mins later.) Anyway, if you’ve got a chance to be in Shinjuku Station (near center-east exit) in one week, please drop by and have a second to look at this. At the same time, another ad (different design) is also now on the trains which run in Tokyo, no matter which company it is.


ad: Daiki Goto [oricom]

Rt:Masaya Ouchi [NEVE inc.]

ph:Sakie Miura


日本赤十字社 平成30年「はたちの献血 」による小林麻耶さんのいのちの授業の様子のスチール撮影をさせて頂きました。




Documentary photo work over the speech given by Maya Kobayashi for "Blood Donation from Age 20" campaign presented by Japan Red Cross. Maya Kobayashi, one of the most famous newscasters in Japan had recently gone through this painful experience of losing her beloved only little sister Mao Kobayashi because of breast cancer. In front of 300 high school student at Kojo high school in the west Tokyo, she talked about how blood donation saved her little sister over and over during her battle with breast cancer. I was most impressed by how serious and pure those high school kids looked as they were listening to her. I wish more people would take some time to donate their blood since it's really not a big deal, you know, it's done in 30 mins to the shortest! (I am such a blood-donation lover myself. I go there and take my blood out every two weeks once I become available for the next donation. I don't know how I became one and why, but hey, it's great to become a help to somebody!)




Recent work for DODA, one of the biggest job board in Japan which provides recruitment services for those starting or changing their careers. There are four different versions of 5secs videos and two 15secs, and you can bump into these on YouTube if you've been googling like "changing career" in Japan(I guess.) I really enjoyed shooting these videos and would like to thank people who let me do this fun work at the end of the year.